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Build your smart access control ecosystem with Nyckel

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We bring access control to some of the worlds most challenging environments. Nyckel is purpose built for offline and remote locations.

Setup users and provide access in seconds

Using an app first approach, Nyckel makes it easy to share keys, set up users and get your business using digital padlocks in no time. Say goodbye to cumbersome administration and say hello to the ease of Nyckel.

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View and analyse activity and trends

View access activity by user or access point in real time or by generating activity reports. All access events are automatically logged for easy auditing and compliance and to provide a bigger picture to what's going on in your business.

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Mobile App

Say goodbye to key rings, copying keys and re-keying locks, combination and key card management, and the time, money and productivity lost to traditional key management. With the Nyckel, your phone or smart device is the key.

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Safe, secure and unhackable

We take security seriously. Seriously. Utilising an independent, end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption with an additional layer of 128-bit AES, we work hard to ensure that the system security mechanisms and protocols are built to restrict all unauthorised access.

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A starter pack is the best way to get the solution into your hands and start testing it in your environment.

- 5 & 10 Lock packs
- Custom Pelican Case
- 12 Months Access
- Unlimited Users
- No ongoing commitment

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Say goodbye to personal safety locks and group lockboxes

The world’s most advanced digital lockout solution.

Go beyond traditional lockout tagout using the world’s most advanced digital lockout tagout and isolation management system.

Nokē Smart Loto is a cloud-based, real-time, safety lockout tagout management system that seamlessly integrates your procedures with Nokē Bluetooth smart padlocks.

Convert your current personal safety locks and group lockboxes to smart padlocks where employees and contractors can .

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