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Large Australian Rail Freight Operator

Rail and infrastructure
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Smart Lockout Tagout and Worksite Isolations for Group Lockouts
The challenge

Isolations of large workplaces in the rail corridor are inefficient and create additional safety risk where travel (both vehicular and by foot) is required between lock points.

Additionally most work is conducted under tight time frames due to the nature of working around existing rail services and minimising disruption.

The results
  • Enabled workers to lock on and off remotely to reduce travel to and from lock points
  • Provided visibility of the number of other workers still operating alongside them on a lockout
  • Eliminated the need for them to carry personal locks and keys.
  • Organisation saved on average 3 hours a day by making group isolations more efficient
  • Digital audit trail that isolation procedures were performed in accordance to specified procedures
With a lot of pressure and limited windows of time for track access, Smart Loto was a no-brainer to allow our work groups to lock on and off to isolations quickly and safely without the need to apply their own personal safety locks. All the staff found the solution easy to use and loved using it. We believe our return on investment (ROI) was basically made on the first day that we implemented the solution. The ability for staff to apply and remove their personal lockout remotely resulted in further reduction in risks where workers would normally have had to drive to apply their locks.
Staff and Community Stakeholder Access Control
The challenge

Managing multiple stakeholders and organisations that require access to council owned and maintained facilities, areas or assets creates complex challenges for access control. From Rangers to Fire & Emergency Services to Community Sports Participants and more - all had physical keys to access what they needed when they needed to within the local jurisdiction with no traceability.

The solution

Deploy a fully digital access control solution that removed the need for physical keys. Using a combination of powered and unpowered smart locks integrated into the cloud based platform, all access for all stakeholders was now controlled with a click of a button.

The results
  • Removed any chance of the wrong keys being in the wrong hands.
  • Provided tighter access permissions for certain stakeholders. For example, coordinators of community sports facilities were only provided digital keys for scheduled dates and times they required or paid for access to facilities.
  • Created operational efficiency by removing the need for stakeholders to pick keys up and drop them back at council offices after use.
  • Gave valuable insights to facility managers on the utilisation of assets and facilities and by which group of stakeholders.
  • Provide alerts/reports for out of ‘normal’ activity at access points.
Moving from a completely manual and analogue master key system which was constantly becoming more complex to manage, to the smartlox solution provided immediate value to our staff and the local community stakeholders that we serve. The smartlox solution has saved us an immense amount of time and money while giving us real time information about who is accessing what and when and piece of mind that our facilities and assets are safe and protected.

Australian Local Council

Local government
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Petroleum Transport

Transport and Logistics
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Petroleum transport company, curbs fuel pilferage
The challenge

Oil shipping and transport company has begun using the Nokē heavy duty smart padlock and integrated software to secure its large fleet of petroleum delivery tank trucks and drastically reduce the occurrence of fuel pilferage.

The solution

The smart padlock and integrated cloud based solution has allowed managers to control and monitor all usage and access to the goods they are delivering. By incorporating the smart lock solution and the extra associated security and visibility to its transport methods, the client has been able to significantly reduce theft and product tampering to provide greater quality assurance, giving the company a new competitive advantage.

The results
  • Lower security cost, as no longer rely on the use of disposable seals
  • Ability to detect real-time unlock transactions
  • Track location of locks on tankers when they are accessed
  • Issue one time keys digitally and only to the customer receiving the goods
  • View audit trail for lock and user interactions including time stamp, location and identification of user
  • Simplify operations without requirement of technical skills - simple to use solution that swapped out analogue padlocks and keys
The performance of the Nokē Heavy Duty Smart Padlocks has been excellent,” said the Vice Chairman and General Manager of the company. “We are satisfied with the performance and robustness of the Padlocks and we intend to continue expanding the deployment to more applications within our business.